The Hotel Rooms

At the Kat Inn, the wellbeing of the cats is our utmost priority, therefor we have chosen to give each guest his/her private hotel room, with the average size of (l x w x h) 180 x 90 cm x 200 cm.

Each hotel room has two floors. The ground floor houses the litter tray, crab pole and water bowls and the step up to the mezzanine level. On this floor the comfortable cat bed with cushion is placed where your cat sleeps and where he/she can laze around and watch the surroundings. On the upper floor is also a bowl with the dry food selected by the owner. Also available are double rooms for cats from the same household, they are identical to the single rooms but are equipped with a bunkbed.

The hotel is divided into six units:
– Amethist (Amethyst) has 14 rooms whereof three are doubles
– Brons (Bronze) has 14 rooms whereof two are doubles
– Klei (Clay) has 14 rooms whereof two are doubles
– Orchidee (Orchid) has seven rooms where one is a double and 1 is a triple
– Kiezel (Pebble) has six rooms whereof one is a double
– Kiezel Z (Pebble Z) is the sick bay with four room