Kat Inn Cat Hotel 

The luxury cat boarding for Rotterdam and surroundings

        Welcome to cat hotel Kat Inn

Our cat hotel Kat Inn is located in Rotterdam nearby Alexandrium and NS station  guidelines. It is a luxury all-inclusive cat boarding for your cat(s) therefore environmentally friendly. Each when you are travelling. We started our cat hotel because we believe your pet the bests of care and enjoy a luxury vacation too. The wellbeing of the cats is our top priority; therefore we have chosen to give each cat its own hotel room. Because of this your cat has its own territory which significantly reduces stress and conflicts. Each room has its own cat bed, litter tray,scratch pole and a water and feeding bowls. Due to this we can monitor that your cat is eating and drinking sufficiently and doing his/her business. This way the hygiene of the your cat is also guaranteed.

Our cat hotel has several separate units where 6 to 14 hotel rooms open up to a communal living and play room. This gives us the optio to place your cat in a different unit or in a smaller group if he/she doesn’t feel at home or settle in well. We also have a sick bay/isolation unit with 4 hotel rooms.

In the communal living rooms in our cat hotel the cats can romp, run, play, and take a cat nap or have a sleep. In these rooms you will find scratch poles, cat pods and baskets, comfy arm chairs or a sofa, tables and chairs and plenty of play items for a fun and relaxing time. This setting creates a homely feel in our cat hotel.

Please note!!!

It is important that your cat(s) has been vaccinated against feline disease, cat flu and Bordetella. These vaccines must be given a minimum of three weeks before the stay in the cat hotel and the vaccinations must be valid for one month after check out.

Kittens up to a year old do not require Bordatella, only when they reach one year the Bordatella vaccine is compulsory.

Give your cat an anti-flea treatment one week prior to the stay (compulsory). It is advisable to deworm your cat four times a year. If you do not deworm it can lead to a worm infection and your cat can get seriously ill. For more information on vaccines see page “Vaccination and medication”

Visit the cat hotel Kat Inn

Of course you are welcome to visit us at Kat Inn prior to the stay of your cat(s). This way you will get a good impression of what your cat’s vacation will look like. To visit cat hotel Kat Inn, by appointment only, either email info@katinn.nl or call:
010-2298901  / 06-34274012
We are happy to welcome you to our cat hotel Kat-Inn where your cat is our guest.

The Kat Inn Team